Burgundy Rose + Gradient Set - Nail Art Decals

Get 2 manicures in one! Create a full monochromatic look featuring burgundy nails with rose accents - match your look with your palette! The second set features a gradient nail trend! Rose accent nails, with zero dry time 💅
Nail Art Decals

The easiest manicure ever. Match your nails with your look with our easy-to-use, zero dry-time Nail Art Decals!

application tips

Prep: Start with clean, trimmed nails.

Apply: Remove strips from packaging. Choose the stickers that fit your nail best, and trim if needed. Remove sticker from backing and firmly apply to nail. With a nail file, file the edges of the sticker in a downwards motion to remove excess. Apply a clear top coat for a longer lasting mani!

Removal: Remove with nail polish remover.

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