Mami - Falsies Faux Lashes

These faux mink false lashes got us feeling spicy! Plush synthetic fibers create full-on drama to your look with length, tapered fibers, and its unique cluster and criss-cross pattern. dramatic faux mink lashes add all the volume 💃
Falsies Faux Lashes

Complete your cruelty free makeup look with our faux mink false lashes. The softest 100% synthetic fibers are lightweight, effortless, and add the perfect finishing touch to your look.

application tips

Prep:  Curl your lashes and apply BFF Mascara. Measure your Falsies along your lashline and trim the band if needed. Apply your fave lash glue along the band and wait until the glue becomes tacky.

Apply: Use tweezers to place Falsies as close to your lashline as possible. Secure the inner and outer corners with more glue if needed.

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