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Must-Have Lippie Pencil Stash Cup - Lippie Pencil Vault

More Lippies? YES PLZ.

Add to your must-have Lippie collection, now in cute matching outfits for a chic upgrade!

👄 What it is - Where do you keep your stash? This 100% vegan Lippie Pencil set includes 36 shades of lip liner that you’ll ever need (for real).

💘 Why you’ll luv it – Our creamy, long-wearing formula creates the cleanest lines and prevents feathering while being super pigmented to deliver the boldest colour – plus it’s sharpenable!

✨ Why you need it – These iconic shades come in a cute n’ convenient vegan leather stash cup with snap closures to keep all your Lippies safe and sound.

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