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Naruto’s Way - Shadow Palette, Eye & Face Set

A 4-piece set of Naruto-inspired faves.

🍃 NARUTO Pressed Powder Palette – This collectable palette features sparkling golds, essential neutrals and bright pops of colour inspired by your fave NARUTO characters!

🍥 Naruto Uzumaki Super Shock Shadow – Our cult-favorite crème-to-powder shadow delivers supercharged, ultra-creamy sparkling colour with zero fading or fallout.

👁 Ninja Way BFF Crème Gel Liner - Our creamy, waterproof 18HR gel formula glides on smoothly for flawless application every time.

🦊 Gold Dust Glitterally Obsessed Body Glitter Gel – Chase your dreams with this Naruto-inspired shade that’s easy-to-use + mess-free.


This set is a must-have for NARUTO fans! 🍜

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