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Plush Like Me Full Collection - Full Collection Set

It’s all out 90s vibes with our new Plush Like Me Collection! Break out the moody mattes, plush velvets, glam metallics, bold lip liners, and sultry pouts for a revival of the coolest decade on record. This complete set includes the Plush Like Me eyeshadow palette in perfect 90s matte and shimmering metallic finishes, 8 new soft-focus matte shades of Lux Blur Lipstick, 4 new super pigmented and longwearing Lippie Pencils in bold 90s shades, 4 new shades of our hydrating Blush Stix for an instant flush, and the super soft and blendable Shimmering Body Powder for a touch of shimmer.

Stay forever cool with this complete collection inspired by the 90s! 💘

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