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Sparkling Mimosa - SOL Mood Mega Melts

’Tis the season for a soothing bath sesh.

Toss in, unwind, and melt the day away. These fizzy, mood-enhancing bath bombs are perfect for a chill night in. Now in our mega size for an extra relaxing bath sesh.

🛁 Luxe Self Care - Wash away daily stress with this ultra-luxurious bath bomb infused with Calendula Extract to calm and soothe skin.

🌴 Sparkling Mimosa Scent - Escape to your happy place with this Pineapple Slice and Fresh Mimosa aroma with soft notes of Island Coconut and Tropical Berries.

Sensorial Bath Time - Our NEW Mega Mood Melts are 3.5 times bigger for an extra fizzy bath experience.

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