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The Ultimate Vault - Vault Set

Get ColourPop, Fourth Ray Beauty, and SOL Body™ 2021 vaults with this one set! The ultimate makeup, skincare, and body care haul, this set has it ALL.

ColourPop Vaults include a mix of nude and colourful hues with The Bare Colour Stix Vault, Vibrant Thing Colour Stix Vault, If Hue Like Shadow Palette Vault, and Nude Notes Shadow Palette Vault, PLUS Good For Hue Shadow Palette Vault, It’s A Dream Creme Gel Liner Vault, and You’re The Bestie Lippie Pencil Vault.

Set features 3 of our iconic Fourth Ray Mini Face Milks including Strawberry Face Milk, Matcha Face Milk, and Coconut Face Milk for a drop of moisture to prep dry skin.

SOL Body™ Vaults include bath bombs Vanilla Dream SOL Mood Mega Melt, Sparkling Mimosa SOL Mood Mega Melt, and Prosecco Punch SOL Mood Mega Melt for a relaxing bath sesh. PLUS our Vanilla Dream SOL Body Scrub & Creme Kit and Sparkling Mimosa SOL Body Scrub & Creme Kit.

Go big or go home…this set includes ALL 2021 holiday vaults! 😍

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