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How did you first hear about ColourPop®?

Back in 2014, I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled upon a photo of the most beautiful, tie-dye, sparkly eye-shadow. I fell in love and ordered my first ever 8 SSS. That was the beginning of my addiction...

What inspired the theme of your page?

There's just something about bumble bees. They are often feared but create such sweetness! I wanted to create something beautiful and when I think beauty, I think of nature, flowers, gold....

Why do you love ColourPop®?

Besides always having AMAZING products, Colourpop® has also been not just a brand but a face to me. I have felt so much support and the love, which has truly meant the world to me.

Why did you choose these items as your favorites?

I chose these Super Shock Shadows because for me this IS ColourPop®, this is how they started, how I discovered them, and the first products I ever purchased. I wanted to go back to one of the first shadows I bought which were Sequin & Tea Party. Those became my absolute favorite for so long! I also added other SSS that I love so much. They add so much sparkle to the eyes, creating a gorgeous wet look. Wear alone or top your lids, it's just perfection and it's truly ME.

As for the lip bundle, for anyone who follows me or knows me, when I love a lip color it instantly becomes a “Jess Shade.” Anything from dusty rose, pinky nudes and mauves really speak to me. So besides loving the SSS, I fell in love with the Lippie Pencils and would always wear them as a lip color. I chose the Lip Pencil shade Obvi and I added one of my favorite colors and formulas of lipstick to create a beautiful “Jess Shade”, USL in Echo Park. It can be worn alone or together, either way it’s a go to lip combo for me and I hope you love it!


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