Should I use a tonic?

While using a tonic is optional, let’s check out why you’ll probably want to add it to your routine.

  • A tonic has multiple benefits and uses, the first being that it is super effective in removing any last traces of dirt or makeup after cleansing, ensuring that your skin is extra clean
  • Second, tonics balance your skin’s pH levels for optimal skin health while also giving skin a smoother, clearer appearance
  • And lastly, thanks to their additional skin softening properties, tonics help to prep skin to receive the most potent benefits from the next step in your routine, whether it be a facial mask or serum
  • Toning is good for all skin types


Daily: AM + PM

What's Your Type:

Normal to Oily Skin

Try a tonic that features Witch Hazel like the Keep Clear Clarifying Tonic. Witch Hazel has toning properties and helps to tame oiliness and improves overall skin clarity, perfect for balancing out oily complexions.

Normal to Dry Skin

Avoid tonics with any alcohol content and opt for a hydrating tonic like the Waterfall Gentle Tonic. Its alcohol-free formula targets dry skin with skin-quenching ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Cucumber Water.

Every Little Step

If you’re craving super clear, healthy-looking skin, a tonic is a must-have in your skincare routine. Here’s how to use it:


Use a tonic in the morning to balance pH levels and at night for the added benefit of removing every last trace of makeup and dirt.


Gently apply with a cotton ball or cotton round over cleansed skin to thoroughly remove any leftover impurities after cleansing.

Next Step

Apply the next steps of your skincare routine immediately after toning now that skin is completely clean and prepped to receive maximum benefits from a serum.

How much to use:

Enough to saturate your cleansing pad

Top Tonic Benefits

Ensures skin is a clean canvas for the rest of your routine

Levels skin’s pH for overall balanced skin

Prepares skin for serum or moisturizer

Promotes clear skin

Promotes healthy skin

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