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Homeless dogs and cats are killed annually in america's shelters

625,000 homeless dogs and cats are killed annually in america's shelters


Animals need to be saved in CA alone

100,000 animals need to be saved in CA alone


Of animals who need to be saved are cats

78% of animals who need to be saved are cats

Somepawdy to Luv

Get our iconic Super Shock Shadows and help an animal in need! This sweet new Duo includes 2 brand new shades:

Mutts About You: warm gold with hot pink and silver pinpoints 

You're Kitten Me: rich plummy chocolate with violet and gold pinpoints

Available only in the US. Excluded from the 30% off promotion. All net profits from the purchase this product will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society®. Your donation will help save the lives of dogs and cats in America's shelters and bring our country to no-kill by 2025.

TOGETHER WE HAVE RAISED OVER $750,000Help us keep going!


Are your able to provide a loving home?

Biscotti is such a handsome dog, but that's not all that makes him special. He is also a smarty and knows sit, down, and loose leash walking. He has spent time in a home and was described as being cuddly, affectionate, a mix of energetic and couch potato.

Abner is a sweet, energetic and playful companion. He is happiest being an only cat but does like to be around other dogs. Abner came from a humane society all the way from Kansas and is looking for lots of human attention.

Woodrow is a talkative guy who loves people and can easily hold down a conversation. He enjoys bird watching and going on harness walks. He loves being petted, and will cuddle up on your lap. He is a well rounded guy, figuratively and physically.

Perks is a life sized teddy bear with so much love to share! He loves going on walks and showing off his tricks, he's especially good at sit and shake. He’s still working on some manners, but Perks is smart and excited to learn.

Visit the Best Friends Adoption Center in West LA or visit for more info


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