Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

Our products usually –key word usually – ship within 3-5 BUSINESS days (M-F & does not include weekends or holidays)! However, if we have some crazy promotion or a new launch, shipping could take a bit longer so be patient my friend!! Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation via email with a tracking number.

My order shipped, when will it get to my house!?

All of our beloved packages are sent via the US Postal Service, so delivery times vary. For orders to residents within the USA, once shipped orders typically arrive in 3-5 business days (business days do not include weekends or holidays). Orders outside the USA can take up to 20 - 27 business days. Our babies love to travel and they may get to you sooner!

Return Policy

We adore our ColourPopettes and your satisfaction is very important to us! We will gladly replace any item that may have got beat up during shipping. Your damaged product may only be exchanged for the same product you purchased. Please contact our customer support team for additional assistance.

Unfortunately, due to the low cost nature of our products, we are unable to offer any returns or exchanges for any other reasons.

Why Isn’t My Promo Code Working?

We recommend copying and pasting your exact code into the coupon box to apply your discount. Keep in mind that promo codes typically cannot be combined. There may also be a restriction that’s causing your code not to work, so double check the fine print (some codes only work for first-time customers or your code may have expired).

Hard or Soft?

If we are talking eggs, then soft. If we are talking water pressure then hard. If we’re talking men, they ought to be a bit of both.

My package was marked as delivered, but I didn’t receive it.

Sometimes USPS tracking information can be incorrect and packages are marked as delivered before they actually arrive – oops! Your package will most likely be delivered within a few days, but it’s great to check with your neighbors and/or post office for more information in the meantime!

 Are your products gluten free?

Though we do not recommend eating any of our products, yes, they are all technically gluten free.

It looks like you charged me twice for my order. Help!

If your credit card was declined when you first tried to place your order, you’ll see a pending transaction in your account. Don’t fret! We do not capture funds for declined transactions, and this charge will automatically drop off your statement within a few business days.

Why do you spell ColourPop with a “u”?

Umm…because we embrace every opportunity to be classy. Colour without the “u,” so basic.

Do your shadows come in a palette?

Sadly, our extra special magical formula can only exist in a pot or they will dry up and not be so cool no mo.

Where can I purchase your products?

Our products are sold exclusively in cyber land on . We do not sell wholesale, nor do we authorize the resale of our products.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to (almost) all countries worldwide, excluding China, Turkey, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the Crimean region of the Ukraine, Sudan and Syria. Please be aware that depending on your country’s regulations, International orders may be subject to additional duties and fees.

How are shipping rates calculated?

Shipping within the United States is $5.99 flat rate. Orders over $30 being shipped within the US are eligible for free shipping. Shipping rates outside of the United States are determined by the weight and destination of your final order. You can estimate your shipping cost using the shipping calculator in the shopping cart. The rates are pulled directly from the US Post office and include shipping and handling.

What did we eat for breakfast?

A Kale and Sunshine Smoothie #thatcalilifestyle

The Earth is destroyed. You have time to flee, where do you go?

The Forest Moon of Endor to live amongst the Ewoks aka the village of tiny Yorkie bears *swoon*

I dropped my shadow and it broke! What oh, oh what do I do!?

We know, this is like the ultimate tragedy and we are sorry you have had to experience it! Luckily, though some of life tragedies are not fixable…this one totally is. All you have to do is place a tissue over your shadow pot and press down with a round flat item. Ta Da! Practically good as new.

What is the shelf life of your Super Shock Shadows?

If unopened these lil’ guys will last 3 years. Oh yes, 3 whole years. Once opened, they will last up to a year if you close them up tight after each use.

Are your products vegan?

You will happy to know that almost all of our products are vegan, with the following exceptions:

143 - Pressed Powder

3-Way - Ultra Metallic Lip

Bae - Super Shock Shadow

Bardot - Blush

Best O - Crème Gel Colour

Beverly - Super Shock Shadow

Birthday Suit - Blush

Brady - Super Shock Shadow

Bubbly - Super Shock Shadow

By My Side - Super Shock Shadow

Call Me - Crème Gel Colour

Central Perk - Super Shock Shadow

Churro - Tie Dye Highlighter

Come and Get It - Pressed Powder

Co-Pilot - Super Shock Shadow

Cuddle Buddy- Super Shock Shadow

Double Date - Pressed Powder

Drop of a Hat - Blush

Ego - Pressed Powder

Fair Play - Pressed Powder

Flitter - Ultra Metallic Lip

Fooling Around - Pressed Pigment

Forget Me Not - Pearlized Highlighter

Fox - Blush

Fun With Friends - Blush

Glo Up - Pearlized Highlighter

Going Steady - Pressed Powder

Highly Waisted - Pearlized Highlighter

Hippo - Pearlized Highlighter

Ignition - Super Shock Shadow

Just Fur Fun - Super Shock Shadow

Keeper - Super Shock Shadow

Lace - Super Shock Shadow

Man Eater - Ultra Metallic Lip

Mittens - Super Shock Shadow

Mixed Tape - Super Shock Shadow

My Jam - Ultra Glossy Lip

On the Fence- Pressed Powder

Paradox - Super Shock Shadow

Poodle - Pressed Powder

Porter - Super Shock Shadow

PYT - Ultra Metallic Lip

Reversible - Super Shock Shadow

Sauvage - Pressed Powder

Stay Golden - Pressed Powder

Stereo - Super Shock Shadow

Sticky Sweet - Pearlized Highlighter

Sunset Blvd - Super Shock Shadow

Tang - Super Shock Shadow

Tea Party - Super Shock Shadow

The One - Super Shock Shadow

Tight Fit - Ultra Glossy Lip

Tulle - Ultra Matte Lip

Two Much - Pressed Powder

Wisp - Pearlized Highlighter

Wolfie - Ultra Glossy Lip

Zebra - Ultra Metallic Lip

Do we ship to APO addresses?

Yes! But please follow these rules or it might not make it!

1.  Write out the service member’s full name in the name field. Be sure to include their Unit as well on Address Line 1.

2.  The city field will need to be one of the abbreviations set forth by the Military

APO: Army Post Office

FPO: Fleet Post Office

DPO: Diplomatic Post Office

3.  The Region field for your order needs to be assigned a “state code,” which is categorized by the following abbreviations:

AA: Armed Forces Central and South Americas (Armed Forces Americas)

AP: Armed Forces Pacific

AE: Armed Forces Europe (including-Canada, Middle East, and Africa)

4.  Set the country as the United States, as these address are considered part of the U.S.

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