Mask Essentials

This skin-boosting step will take your routine to the next level.

Week in and week out a mask can deliver a potent dose of whatever your skin is craving whenever you need it. Easily mix and match different masks weekly or multiple times a week to target specific skin concerns and achieve overall healthy skin. Apply after using a tonic to prep pores to soak in all those amped-up mask benefits. Let's check out the types of masks that will give you the most glowing, bright, and supple skin.

Masking is good for all skin types


1+ x a Week | PM

What's Your Type:

Normal Skin

The Avocado Superfood Nourishing Mask gives skin a healthy boost with Avocado, Matcha, and Kale that work to nourish, soften, and replenish skin.

Oily Skin

Unclog and refine pores with The Big Detox Mud Mask formulated with potent Bamboo Charcoal and purifying Kaolin Clay for a deep detoxifying skin sesh.

Dry Skin

For some extra, extra hydration apply the Soak It Up Hydrating Mask formulated with hyaluronic acid, marine algae, aloe, and vitamin e for plump, supple skin.

Dull Skin

Instantly resurface dull, dead skin with the A-HA Moment Exfoliating Enzyme Mask made with a blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) and Papaya Enzyme for smooth, fresh skin.

We Recommend:

To Hydrate

Soak it Up: Hyaluronic Hydrating Mask

To Nourish

Avocado: Exfoliating Enzyme Mask

To Exfoliate

A-ha Moment: Exfoliating Enzyme Mask

To Detox

The Big Detox: Mud Mask

Every Little Step

Think of masks as a weekly (or more) skin treatment that works to alleviate specific skin issues that your normal routine isn't able to. Use a mask when you need immediate results or keep your skin healthy and glowing over the long term.

Use as needed

For optimal results, use masks on at least a weekly basis for healthier skin overall. Some masks can be used as often as needed, while exfoliating masks should only be used twice a week max.

Apply On Clean Skin After Tonic

Masks are most potent when used on cleansed skin and after using a tonic so that pores are clean and prepped, ready to soak in maximum goodness from performance ingredients, vitamins, antioxidants, superfoods, and botanicals.

Times May Vary

Be sure to read the directions for how long to leave on each specific mask. Most times range between 5-20 minutes, but exfoliating masks should only be left on for 10 minutes max.

Rinse-Off & Apply Serum

Once done, rinse your mask off thoroughly and apply your favorite serum for maximum absorption.


One mask can’t always do the job! Different areas of skin require different needs, so create your own custom mask by targeting each area with multiple treatments at once!

  • soakitup mask

    Soak It Up

  • aha moment mask

    A-Ha Moment

  • avocado mask


  • the big detox mask

    The Big Detox

Dry / Dull

mask illustration

Dehyrdated T-zone + dull, textured cheeks

Dry / Congested

mask illustration

Dehydrated cheeks + clogged pores in T-zone

Dull / Congested

mask illustration

Dull, textured cheeks + clogged pores in T-zone

Dry / Blemishes

mask illustration

Dehydrated T-zone + spot treat blemishes

How much product do you use:

Enough to apply a thin layer onto face *avoid eye and mouth area

Top Benefits

Nourishes Skin

Facial Masks, in general, come packed with high doses of performance ingredients, vitamins, superfoods, and botanicals to deliver an immediate boost to your complexion.

Softens Skin

The super creamy Avocado Superfood Nourishing Mask works to replenish sluggish skin with power-packed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, leaving it super soft and supple.

Detoxifies Skin

A mud mask like The Big Detox uses detoxifying Bamboo Charcoal and purifying Kaolin Clay to deeply cleanse and absorb dirt, grime, sebum, and other impurities from pores, leaving skin super clear and clean.

Hydrates Skin

Power-packed ingredients and botanicals like Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Algae, Aloe, and Vitamin E in the creamy Soak It Up Hydrating Mask work to bind hydration and lock in maximum moisture to revive even the driest of complexions.

Refines Skin

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) and Papaya Enzymes in our A-HA Moment Exfoliating Enzyme Mask work to exfoliate dull, dead skin, instantly revealing a fresh, smooth complexion. Or use The Big Detox Mud Mask to refine the look of pores thanks to a super combo of clarifying Charcoal and Clay.

Perfects Texture

Masks can work to exfoliate away imperfections and tackle stubborn textures to reveal more refined, healthy-looking skin, whereas moisture replenishing masks can smooth away flakes and dryness.

Boosts Skin Health

Packed with good for you ingredients, face masks with antioxidants can replenish skin and give a dull and lackluster complexion a much-needed boost of nutrients for a revived, happy skin.