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  • Amber Crystal Collection
  • Amber Crystal Collection

Each product in the Amber Crystal Bundle was created with real crushed Amber crystals. Amber crystals emit a soothing, light energy that calms and energizes simultaneously. Often referred to as "Liquid Sunshine," this crystal helps to balance your emotions, clear your mind, and release any negative energy.

The Amber Crystal Setting Spray sets makeup into place for all-day wear, and contains powerful antioxidant ingredients like green and white tea, mango, and Vitamin C perfect for normal to oily skin.

The Amber Crystal Liquid Highlighter is a lightweight formula loaded with crystals and pearls to give your skin an opalescent, radiant glow.

The Amber Crystal Balm is a nourishing, moisturizing, tinted lip balm that's loaded with Vitamin E, mango and shea butter for healthy, kissable lips.

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