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Heat Warning - Lippie Vault Set

Wear at your own risk.

A duo of iconic Lippie Stix + Lippie Pencil vaults for the ultimate red lip.  

❤️‍🔥 Hot in Here Lippie Stix Vault – A sexy range of 10 bold reds in flattering Matte, Matte X and Blur finishes. Find your new all-time faves with our long-wearing, creamy formula for a pop of rich colour.

🔥 Bring the Heat Lippie Pencil Vault – The heat is on with 10 of our fave red-hot Lippie Pencils. They’re long-wearing, super pigmented and glide on easily to prevent feathering + create the cleanest lines.

Make it spicy with 20 iconic red lippies! 💋

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