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We’re Young! - So Glassy Lip Gloss

It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.

🌙 What it is - Amp up your pout with prismatic pearl shades inspired by each Sanderson Sister featuring a finish that’s glassy af!

🖤 Why you’ll luv it - Each shade is infused with moisturizing Jojoba Oil for a comfy feel + ultimate lip nourishment.

🎃 Why you need it – Swipe on wearable, multidimensional hues that deliver a crystal-like shine for everyday looks to Halloween glam!

A peachy nude inspired by Mary for the perfect pout 🍑

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Your skin has pink, peachy pink, or red hues

Your skin has a balance of pink and yellow hues

Your skin has yellow, golden, or olive hues

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