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What's Your Sign?

Find out which shade Kathleen picked for you!

The trendsetter and fearless leader of the signs, you’re the type to kick butt and take names. You’re a headstrong Ram who loves to take on a challenge.

This firey orange is as fun and bright as your confidence!

The Bull knows when it’s time to relax and when to take charge! A true creature of comfort, almost at a stubborn fault, you love the finer things in life.

You’re well-grounded and dependable, just like this camel brown.

The Twins live such a colorful life, you’d probably describe yours as a rollercoaster - riding through the crazy loops and spirals, but you take it in stride and adapt well in any situation.

Just like you, this antique gold is a chameleon.

You’re a nurturing lovebug who loves to create a sense of home wherever you are. You take care of your friends like it’s your job, and you’re great at surrounding yourself with people and things that you love.

Like this soft peachy pink with a golden duo chrome.

Make way on center stage, Leo has arrived! You’re courageous, warm-hearted, and authentic, but your competitive nature only adds to your need to be Number One.

This soft coral with a gold flip will command that attention!

The perfectionist of the signs, you’re extremely hardworking and dedicated to getting stuff done. But you make it look so easy!

This dark chocolate brown will add depth to any look as effortlessly as you slay it!

Float like a social butterfly, love like a Libra. You’re a natural diplomat who keeps the peace amongst your friend group, because you can see both sides to any issue.

You crave balance, and this light rosey pink brings it to the table.

The Scorpion is a mysterious little creature who is misunderstood. You are fairly reserved around people you aren’t familiar with, but once you open up you become a fiercely loyal friend.

Let this rich pinky violet ignite your passion!

The Archer is always down for an adventure! You not only take risks, but you do it with an optimism that’s infectious.

Add this magenta purple to take your look from basic to bold with ease.

You’re a Goat, literally! No goal is too small for you, and you have the determination and will power to reach it.

Take this black with gold glitter with you when you shoot for the stars.

The BFF of the signs, an Aquarian loves bringing people together! You’re a free thinker and love to explore creative ways to make the world a better place.

This bright cobalt blue will unleash your creativity.

The old soul of the zodiac, your intuition and compassion are on another level! You are deeply emotional and lead decisions with your heart, and this adds to your inner strength.

Be a daydream believer in this vibrant aqua blue.


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